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Our ambition is to bring each project to life and help it reach its full potential while keeping in focus the larger map of sustaninable development goals.

We are not sales people, we are problem solvers. This is why we provide full systems with previously tested, working solutions, not just materials or equipments. This is why we do not measure our activity in sales, but in succesful collaborations and happy customers.

All the solutions we provide are custom tailored to the size and budget of each project to best fit the customer’s desires, without neglecting our common mission of building an eco-friendly, responsible, healthier environment.

What We Do?

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Providing materials and equipments as well as full implementation of complex solutions. Design and built


All our sollutions pay close attention to the environment. Our team leader is certifiend passive house designer


We bridge the gap between specialists and make sure that each task is entrusted to the right proffesional


Balanced, carefully tailored sollutions that meet deadlines and keep the budget under control

We don't sell products,
we sell success

We are firm believers that by bringing together responsible, benevolent, well trained proffesionals we will shape a brighter future build on respect towards our peers and the environment

Our Team

We are a team of interdisciplinary professionals, driven by common values. With a management of architects, we pride ourselvs in not being molded by salesmenship and corporate mentalities. We are insted motivated by succesful projects that lead to satisfied clients through beautifully tailored, sustainable,  innovative solutions

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Sustainable solutions

Innovative systems and materials

Execution. Design and built

Management and Coordination

Consultancy and Project Optimization

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Bucharest, Romania.